Strength & Conditioning workout for 03/23/20


Strength & Conditioning workout for 03/23/20

Whiteboard Brief:

Warm Up:

3 Rounds
:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Inch Worms (no push-up)
:30 Reach Backs (standing, wide legs, reach behind feet, then up overhead)
:30 Boot Strap Squat
:30 Wall Shoulder Stretch
(Forearms on all, walk feet back, drop head down past arms)

Build: Back/Core

3-4 sets

8-12 ea/ side Single Arm Bent Over DB Rows (add a 2 sec pause at the top if your weight feels a little light)

:20:30 Side plank

rest :90 b/w sets


EMOTM x 10 Mins

-5-8 Reps of each movement each minute-

DB/KB Deadlift

DB/KB Hang Power Clean

DB/KB Shoulder 2 Overhead (Push Press or Jerk)

*How to execute:

At the top of each minute you will perform a set number of Deadlifts, followed by Hang Power Cleans, followed by Shoulder 2 Overhead

Ex.. I choose 7 reps

At the beginning of each minute I will do:

7 Deadlifts

7 Hang Power Cleans

7 Push Press

All in a row. Whatever time is left over in the minute is mine to rest.

*Pick a number of reps that equals between 30-40 secs of work.

-If you only have 1 piece of equipment.. do 5 reps each side of each movement and see how long that takes you. If you still finish well under 40 secs.. try doing 6 reps/ side.

This gets spice on the grippers quick!