Strength & Conditioning Workout for 102919


Strength & Conditioning Workout for 102919

Review All Movements

Strength: Pullups/Single Arm DB Press

Within 18 Mins complete 5 Sets:

5 Challenging Pullups (add bands or Weight as needed)

8 ea/arm Half Kneeling DB Press @ 30X1 Tempo

10 Band Pull Aparts

rest 60-90 secs b/w sets


EMOTM x 15 Minutes

1)Row/Bike x 15/12 Cals

2)Upper Gymnastics (Pullup/Muscle Up)*

3)10-12 alt. Box Step Ups

*Options: Kipping C2B, K. Pullups, Bar Muscle Up, RIng Muscle Up, Ring Row with 2 count pause

Choose a rep count that you can try to complete Unbroken each set

Comp: 18/15 cals (Bike) Muscle Ups, 24/20 with 2 50/35lb DB’s

Fitness: 15/12 cals, Chest 2 Bar, 24/20 with 1 50/35lb DB

GPP: 12/9 cals, Kip. Pullups or 8-12 ring rows, Box height =knee @ paralell

Health: 10/7 cals, 6-8 ring Rows, Bodyweight step ups