Strength & Conditioning Workout for 110219


Strength & Conditioning Workout for 110219

WOD FOR 102718


CFD is hosting the Halloween Spooktacular Weightlifting meet this Saturday!

Classes will be on at 8, 9, and 10! They will take place outside!!

Bring a pumpkin!!!!!!

*All other specialty classes will be cancelled. 

*Feel free to take advantage of our sister gym access to attend regular classes at Bull City Strength & Conditioning . Please make sure you register for classes there!!

Halloween WOD
For time with your pumpkin (if no pumpkin, use medicine ball 20/14):
800 meter pumpkin run
31 thrusters
31 cleans
31 Overhead walking lunge steps
31 presses
31 squats
400 meter pumpkin run
*Every time you put pumpkin down complete 5 burpees before starting again