Death By Chins


Death By Chins

Martial Arts Grand Master, Ron Van Clief, is coming to CFD for a Self Defense Seminar NEXT SATURDAY!

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WOD for Friday 062912Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Press (65%)
9×3 (3 grips)
3 sets of 8
Death by Chin Up with a Ball Slam Buy In
1 chin up the 1st minute, 2 chin ups the 2nd minute, 3 chin ups the 3rd minute and so on until you cannot complete the required reps within the minute.
*At the top of each and every minute do 1 ball slam with the heaviest ball you can use

Post Bench Loads and Workout Rounds Completed To Comments
For the strength segment, the goal is to move the weight as quickly as possible for your three reps across all 9 sets, particularly on the way up.  Rep speed should be roughly 1 second down and 1 second up.  If you cannot perform all of your reps at this speed then you need to use a lighter load…regardless of whether you’re at 65% or not. Perform three sets “wide” grip – pinkies on the outside lineThree sets “medium” grip – thumbs distance from the middle knurlingThree sets “narrow” grip – index finger just off the smooth part of the middle of the bar.

Then perform 3 sets of 8 reps of pullups with either an overhand OR neutral grip.

For the conditioning workout, begin each round with one heavy ball slam.  Continue until you cannot complete a round.  Use an underhand or neutral grip.  You can kip.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Grand Master, Ron Van Clief, in action