Farmer’s Work


Farmer’s Work

Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th! 
You KNOW you wanna do it!


WOD for Tuesday 020711  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 

Determine 1RM
Warmup:  Perform 3 reps @ 50%, 60%, 70% 1RM
Work Sets:  Perform 1 Rep @ 80%, 90%, 95%, then 2-3 attempts at a new 1RM
2 Rounds – Each For Time with 2 Minute Rest Between
50 Sledgehammer Swings (left handed)

50m Right Hand Farmer’s Walk (70/52)
50m Left Hand Farmer’s Walk (70/52)
50 Sledgehammer Swings (right handed)

Post Deadlift Loads and Time For Each Metcon Round to Comments
For the strength segment, follow the warmup sequence to determine your 1RM Bench Press. Use common sense and good judgement. When in doubt, live to lift again another day. New 1RM’s may only be recorded if the lift is done with full ROM.  Use a spotter for ALL sets.          

For the Metcon, use the heaviest Sledgehammer you can handle.  The swings are to be done with both hands, but one set from the left side and the second from the right each round.  Carry ONE kettlebell in ONE hand for the Farmer’s Walk.         

Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting February 15th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm) – Only 4 spots left!
Starting March 29th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting April 19th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Upcoming Events
Couples Throwdown– Saturday, February 12
Triad Barbell Open — Sat, February 26th, at CF Downtown Winston
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sun, February 27th

Other Training Uses For a Sledgehammer