Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow

The 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Couples Throwdown is Saturday! 

Time is running out to sign up!  More info

WOD for Thursday 020912Click Here For Today’s Schedule
50 Hollow Rocks
Then, 50 Superman to Hollow Rocks (360 degree turn is 1 rep)
3 Round For Time:
Run 800m
20 Deadhang Pullups

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For the skill segment, first perform 50 strict hollow rocks.  Then perform 50 Superman to Hollow Rocks.  A full 360 turn is 1 rep.  Alternate the direction in which you turn.  Gotta be balanced!

For the conditioning workout, use any grip you like for the pullups, but they must be deadhang.  No kipping.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Tucker of CF Gymnastics on Hollow Rocks!

Greg Amundson on bad habits!