Sneezes, Hiccups, and Burps, Oh My


Sneezes, Hiccups, and Burps, Oh My

Nutrition Q&A Session
Saturday, July 23rd, 12-1pm

WOD for Tuesday 071211Click Here For Today’s Schedule
3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
21 Burpees

Post Jerk Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform sets of 3 Deadlifts working as heavy as possible.  Lower the bar to the floor under control each rep.

For the Metcon, jump to height 6″ above your standing outreached hand for the Burpees.

*Endurance Workout Schedule Update*
Beginning this week we will be cancelling the Wednesday morning 6:15am Endurance Workout.  Monday, Thursday and Saturday workouts will continue.  Coach Paul will be leading Monday and Saturday and Coach Allison will be leading Thursday. 

Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting July 26th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Kelly Starrett on Deadlift Preparation

Not sure who this baby belongs to, but this is pretty funny