Hold Up


Hold Up

Nutrition Q&A Session
Saturday, July 23rd, 12-1pm

WOD for Wednesday 071311Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Plank Holds(video)
Accumulate a total of 5 minutes in a static plank hold
Flexed Arm Hang (video)
Accumulate a total of 5 minutes in a flexed arm hang
50-40-30-20-10 Reps For Time:
Double Unders

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For the strength segment, accumulate a total of 5 minutes in each movement.  For the planks, rest as soon as your body breaks the parallel plane.  For the flexed arm hangs, rest as soon as your chin drops under the bar.

This is a Strength & Conditioning Benchmark WOD.  RX situps may be done on an Abmat with feet unanchored.  Scale down to anchored situps or scale up to GHD’s.  DO NOT scale up to GHD’s unless you have been doing them in relatively high volume before today.  150 GHD situps are not something to attempt lightly if you are not conditioned for them.  Check your ego at the door or you could end up in a hospital bed 😉

*Endurance Workout Schedule Update*
Beginning this week we will be cancelling the Wednesday morning 6:15am Endurance Workout.  Monday, Thursday and Saturday workouts will continue.  Coach Paul will be leading Monday and Saturday and Coach Allison will be leading Thursday. 

Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting July 26th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)