We Now Return


We Now Return

We’re hosting the 4th Annual Carolina Fitness Challenge next Saturday!

We need volunteers!  If you’re able to help, please sign up for a time slot on the WOD Board at the gym. 

Volunteers get free admission and free lunch!

WOD for Monday 010713Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat
Establish 1RM
AMRAP in 8 minutes:
3 Push Press (185/135)
5 Ball Slams (30/20)

Post Back Squat Loads and Workout Rounds Completed to Comments
For the strength segment, after a thorough warmup take 20 minutes or so to establish a 1RM Back Squat for the day.  All reps squatted below parallel.  Use two spotters as necessary.  Doing a 1RM does not mean you need to go to failure and get stuck under the bar.  It’s ok to leave a little in the tank for the next time.

For the conditioning workout, take the Push Press bar from the floor.  Load should be heavy, but you should be able to complete each round of three reps unbroken.  Use the heaviest slam ball you can handle (we just ordered some new, heavier ones that should be here soon!).

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!  Bring a stopwatch if you’ve got one!

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