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Cleaning House

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Wilkes’ Weightlifting!
Sunday, February 21st.  More info here!

January FOUNDATIONS Classes
Starting January 26th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

WOD for Wednesday 011310 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Progressively add weight to the bar on the first four sets.  On the 5th and 6th set you should be attempting a max effort for the day. 
4 Rounds of Max Reps of:
45 seconds Ring Dips
15 seconds Rest
45 seconds Pullups
15 seconds Rest
45 seconds Med Ball Cleans (20/12)
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post Loads and Total Number of Reps Completed to Comments
Movements should be scaled to allow for proper execution and as little rest as possible to optimize power output and intensity.     

Weightlifting Tips Courtesy of Freddy C, (Strength & Conditioning One World) 
#1- Everyone needs to realize that when you are talking max efforts (today you were trying for a max effort 5 rep set), you don’t make huge weight jumps once you get at or near your max. I saw numerous people struggle to get 5 reps during their second set. If the fifth rep is a sonofabitch to get up, you are about tapped out. I can’t tell you how many people then put 5#, 10# or more on the bar.  You don’t always make bumper plate sized jumps on every attempt. At One World, there are smaller choices! Don’t think you are being a sissy when you are adding the smaller plates to the bar. That is the essence of true max load effort. Weightlifting competitions are sometimes won by the difference of a pound or less. 

#2- You need to know what you can lift. If you are not recording your weightlifting efforts, you are making things harder for yourself. Get a workout journal. You should be logging things in your journal similar to: “5/5/5 back squat. Got 225# the last set. It wasn’t to bad. I think I can lift 5# more next attempt.” Keep good notes of every weightlifting session. The next time a 5/5/5/ squat comes up, you will know what your max effort is, and you will be able to dial in your warm up lifts to get to the max lift quickly.

#3- Once you know how strong you are, warm up quicker!  When squatting, I blast through my warm up loads with little to no rest between loads changes. I start at 10 air squats right to 10 bar squats to 10 rep 135# squats to 5 rep 185# squats to 5 rep 225# squat to first max weight 5 rep effort. After I hit my bigger load efforts, I rest 2 minutes or longer between efforts.

#4- Learn how to breathe! Every lift should start with a HUGE gulp of air. Hold that gulp and push that gulp of air deep into the lungs. This will flatten out the diaphragm and better stabilize the spine.

#5- Don’t walk or stand in front of someone attempting a max effort. They are trying to keep focused. They don’t want to see your ass or your junk…

#6- Don’t drop an empty bar on the ground. They cost big bucks!!! Bars loaded with bumper plates are suppose to be dropped, but recognize that they bounce and make sure they don’t bounce into someone else’s lower leg or worse.

# 7- Clean your DNA off the bars. If you bleed on something, ask a trainer to get you hooked up with some good cleaner products.

#8- DON’T BE @%*%@# LATE!!!! The sessions are fast paced and dialed in. And don’t think I will not notice if you “conveniently” show up after the strength session is over. I do not have any problem telling you to piss off and wait for the next session…. HAHA!

#9- Please be prepared to work. Socialize after.

Beast Skills Seminar coming in March!