Crushing Helen


Crushing Helen

Interested in Metabolic Rate and Hydration Testing?

Dr. Peters will be here Saturday.  Click here for more info

WOD for Wednesday 022912Click Here For Today’s Schedule
8 Rounds For Time:
Sprint 100m
8 KB Swings (70/52)
5 Plyo Pushups

Post Jerk Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, work up to the heaviest single Jerk for the day.  You can Push Jerk, Split Jerk, or Jerk from behind the neck.

For the conditioning workout, use the heaviest KB you can handle.  Swings are American (ie, overhead).  For plyo pushups, do a full ROM pushups to the floor and propel your body off the floor at the top position.  You do not need to get very high…just enough for your hands to leave the ground.     

Here’s a couple variations of the Plyo Pushups