Shot Through The Heart


Shot Through The Heart

Goal Setting and Programming Workshop

Saturday, February 16th.  RSVP here

WOD for Monday 020413 Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Parallette Shoot Throughs                        
50-75 Strict Reps
5 Rounds For Time:
4 Power Cleans (185/105)
8 Handstand Pushups
Run 200m

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For the strength segment, perform between 50 and 75 strict parallette shoot throughs.  Pause for a 1-count in each position working hard to maintain tight midline stability.  An easy way to scale these if you have trouble getting your feet through without hitting the ground is to set the parallettes up onto bumper plates to give your feet a bit more clearance. 

For the conditioning workout, the PC load should be around 80% 1RM.  Some of you may need to scale up.  Scale your HSPUs as needed.  It is preferred to not limit your ROM.  Find the option that allows you to move through a full range.   

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Shoot Throughs with Jeff Tucker