Swinging Away


Swinging Away

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WOD for Wednesday 101712 Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat – 80%              
5 Rounds For Time:
20 OH Walking Lunges (45/35)
30 KB Swings (52/35)

Post Back Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, after warming up perform 5 sets of three rep Back Squats at 80% 1RM.  These should be heavy.  Make sure you take good rest between these work sets (3-5 minutes). If you happen to get a PR, make sure you post it on the PR Board!

For the conditioning workout, hold a bumper plate overhead with outstretched arms for a total of 20 steps each round.  Your shin should be perpendicular to the floor and your back knee should touch the ground with each step.  Swings are American (overhead).

Overhead Walking Lunges!