Tabata Deads


Tabata Deads

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The Carolina Fitness Challenge is Saturday – 170 competitors and up to 500 total attendees! 

We need to get the big room and the gym ready on Friday evening from about 5-8pm. 

Please come help pre-, post-, or in lieu of your Friday night WOD!

WOD for Tuesday 120611Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Ring Stability Drills

Then, Ring Pushups
5 Sets for Max Reps
Tabata Deadlifts
8 intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Post Snatch Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of Max Reps of Ring Pushups. If you can’t do pushups on the rings, do regular floor pushups.  Scale from there as necessary.

For the conditioning workout, shoot for 50 reps total.  Pick a load and stick with it across all 8 intervals.  All reps should be lowered to the floor.  Do not sacrifice technique.

Rob Orlando does Tabata Deadlifts with 315lbs