Strength & Conditioning workout for 1/18/20


Strength & Conditioning workout for 1/18/20

Teams of 3:

“Straight Hundo’s”

15 Min Clock….For Max Reps.. split however

100 Cal Row

100 Wallballs

100 Medball Box Step Ups

Max Reps Burpee Box Jump Overs

Comp: 30/20, 24/20

Fitness: 20/24, 24/20

GPP: 14/10, 20/16

Health: 10/6, 20/16 (bodyweight step ups)

rest 3:00

On a 10 Min Clock:

Run 800 Meters (everyone)

-In Remaining Time:

Establish a 6 RM Power Snatch for each Teammate

Rest 3:00

On a 7 Min Clock.. everyone can work at the same time to accrue their reps

50 Air squats (each)

50 Pushups (each)

1 Attempt at a max set of unbroken bar Muscle ups, Kipping Chest to Bar, or Kipping Pullups

*If you finish your squats and pushups before everyone else.. you get first crack at gymnastics.. first come, first serve on the pullup bar