Russian Style


Russian Style

CFD is going to see the Durham Bulls on May 19th!  

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WOD for Tuesday 042412Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Turkish Get Up
4 Rounds:
1 minute – Deadlifts (85% 1RM)
1 minute – Russian KB swings (70/52)
Rest 1 minute

Post TGU Loads and Workout Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, perform TGUs on each arm in sets of 2.  You do not have to use the same load for both arms.  Work hard to keep your straight leg from raising off the floor as you move through the first part of the movement (Turkish Situp).

For the conditioning workout, perform as many reps as possible in each minute.  There is a 1 minute rest between Rounds.  Score is total number of reps completed.

Kettlebell Swing Corrected

Our second Olympic Weightlifting Intensive Course begins on Tuesday, May 8th and new Barbell Basics Course starts Monday, May 14th! 

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